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We have worked with the BC Association of Kinesiologists since 2018, delivering and maintaining a sophisticated membership management system to cultivate the careers of their kinesiologist members and enhance the professional status of the kinesiology profession in British Columbia.
Most of the site – https://bcak.bc.ca/ – is accessible to members only, and includes ecommerce registration and renewal, with a directory for active members. Membership requirements are managed through the site, including consent declarations and continuing education tracking. Active members can generate their certificates online. Professional development events are posted online, and are linked to continuing education requirements. The event system has waitlist capabilities, with text message notifications to waitlisted members to facilitate an efficient registration process.

For the pandemic, we developed a voting system to complement online AGM participation, with time-controlled vote counting to capture resolutions in the meetings. The system remains in use post-pandemic.

We’re currently in the process of delivering an integrated online exam system and a public site redesign.


“Trevor at CurrentDesign was instrumental in assisting us in developing a custom CMS and database system to handle the growing needs of our Non-profit society. The new system provides a cleaner layout, enhanced security for account login and reduces administration paperwork related to membership application processing. I highly recommend that you discuss your CMS needs with Trevor to see what type of solution he can provide for you.”
- Daryl Reynolds, BC Association of Kinesiologists