What We Do

We start with strategic planning, provide full-service delivery, measure success, and support and maintain your solutions.


When we engage with our clients, we focus on achieving and sustaining a strategic advantage through technology investment. To be successful, we need to first understand your business, goals and organizational strategy. We develop an understanding of your unique characteristics and assets, and consider your market and competitors. Using that intelligence, we formulate a technology strategy that reinforces your strategic goals. Of course, the approach is dependent on each client’s situation, and we apply appropriate rigour to all our activities to ensure an effective solution.


Technology is changing rapidly, so the best solutions are constantly evolving. Some features will change based on how they perform, others may be planned for later delivery because of budget constraints. Taking a product management perspective, we create a technology roadmap: a dynamic plan that takes into account available resources, incremental objectives and competitor responses over the longer term. For each feature on the roadmap, we establish a business case to justify the investment and a project plan with measurable success criteria.


The design elevates a piece of technology to useful and usable solution, and it encompasses much more than its decorative elements. We have proven skills analyzing businesses and eliciting requirements – specifying the features to provide value to your business. In addition, we pay special attention to the user experience, ensuring users have a positive interaction with your business through its technology. And of course, we will provide a graphical design that vibrantly expresses your brand.


It is important at the outset to establish a process that works with your organization, and we draw on our experience with both agile and waterfall methodologies to suit your culture. We clearly lay out expectations at the outset, and manage through to an on time, on budget delivery. We keep you involved throughout the process through regular reviews of our work, where we receive and incorporate your input. We also keep you informed on project status. Before we deliver, we request that you undertake a thorough final review. We’ll incorporate your input and launch upon your acceptance of the presented solution.


After the excitement of launching a new solution, we remain dedicated to its service. Whether you are interested in adding new features, adding security patches and updates, rebranding or refreshing content, we are keen to provide ongoing support and maintenance.

We can provide assistance on an as-needed basis, or we can take a proactive approach to maintaining your solutions.


Right from the beginning, we focus on measuring the success of our solutions.

  • Strategic goals are stated in verifiable terms.
  • Our plans include quantitative objectives in support of those goals.
  • During development, we focus on creating a system that will meet those clear objectives.
  • Our systems include reporting and analytics capabilities to measure their performance.
  • After delivery, we measure actual performance against targets, enabling us to tune the complete solution while allowing our clients to celebrate achieving their goals.

Information technology. Strategically.