It should be understood that you, as a client, are coming to CurrentDesign because you want to enhance your business. This is so obvious that it is possible to overlook it.
When you are looking for a technology solution, sometimes Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) can jump to the forefront. This is that feeling you get when you are buying a new car, phone or other gadget and all the amazing features make you want to zoom in and be consumed by them.
I’m certainly guilty of this, and do indulge myself with my hobbies like making espresso, cycling etc. etc. However, I do sincerely try to resist at work – and help my clients to resist – because as pleasurable as SOS can be, it tends to get in the way of sound technology strategy.
You come looking to enhance your business, and very often it is the simple fundamentals that give the best results. You want to get your business noticed, you want to make transactions and improve efficiency. Let’s focus on that, and save our SOS for the weekends.