We provide most of our value to our clients through analysis and problem solving. We find and quantify opportunities to enhance businesses through technology investment. As a result of our analysis, we propose then deliver a solution, which is a generally a software implementation, often a web application. The solution is very tangible.
In addition to these major deliverables, we aim to support our clients with whatever they need to thrive. For smaller organizations, we may be their primary technical contact, and for our larger clients, we may be uniquely positioned to efficiently provide services that are not suited to their in house technical staff.
Web hosting and domain name management is an obvious example. If needed, we can take care registering and configuring domain names and SSL certificates, as well as arranging and managing hosting on our clients’ behalf. We have maintenance arrangements with several clients to help with content updates and feature enhancements. We also handle email for several clients.
One client recently requested the ability to automate the offsite storage of their office files, with the special requirement that the files are stored on a Canadian server, out of reach of the powers of the US Patriot Act.
While we are particularly equipped to analyse and implement significant technology solutions, we appreciate that there is a range of support services that our clients require, and we’re more than happy to provide them.