One of our clients manages a suite of simple websites used to represent brands of their product family on the internet. A variety of advertising and web development shops developed theses sites, under the direction of the client’s marketing department. While the brand was consistently portrayed, managing the maintenance of these sites became unwieldy.
The challenges ranged from managing domain name registration, hosting, technology updates and maintenance. The issue reached a head when some of the sites were hacked.
CurrentDesign developed a management plan. After addressing the security issues, we consolidated the domain names with a single provider, we’re in the process of placing all the sites with a single hosting provider, and captured all the related information – including logins – in one location.
The client has also consolidated their advertising with a single agency, and CurrentDesign is taking care of maintenance across the family of websites. As a result, management of their web presence has been significantly simplified, along with a reduction in hosting costs.