Many of our clients have blogs. It is a hoary old website feature that is part of the origin story of social media. Blogging is a thriving cottage industry now, and there’s still value in keeping a corporate blog. It allows customers to make a more personal connection with a company through its website. It is an easy way to add new content a site, which lets site visitors know that the company is thriving, while search engines will better rank sites with fresh content.

I encourage customers to maintain a blog, but only if they have the resources to regularly update it. When I come across a site with a blog that has a few posts in quick succession from years ago, and nothing since, I get the feeling of a ghost town, which is worse than having no blog at all.

Which brings me to the reason for this post.  Our business comes mostly from word of mouth, and we rarely get business from our website. This blog is mainly to demonstrate the principle of blogging to clients, rather than to convert site visitors to customers. It would be hard to recommend a blog to a customer when we can’t maintain our own.

I’ve aimed to post every month or so, but the last few months have been super busy, with several new projects in play. It is good practice to post on positive topics of interest to potential customers, and the new work will yield meaningful stories once we’ve launched. Meanwhile, I’m overdue for a post to keep up the example, so here’s a placeholder. Blogs are good, but require dedication. If you don’t have time to make a great post, remember: just showing up is half the battle.