Most of our clients are small to medium businesses, and its pretty easy to measure our effectiveness for them. We set goals with measureable success criteria, and aim for those goals. Increased website traffic, decreased time to complete a process, transaction volume in hard dollars: these are satisfying to achieve.
We also have some non-profit clients, and it is just as important to have measureable success criteria for them. For example, with online communities, we track engagement – signups, number of active members, and participation. Setting measurable success criteria gives the clarity to guide our efforts.
For the Physiotherapy Association of BC, a strategic goal is to improve quality of practice for its members. We have aligned member participation success criteria with this organizational goal. The member site includes practice resources, including toolkits, journal articles and inter-member communications. The member profile is exposed in the public directory, which is a valuable member marketing tool. To achieve our participation goals, we implemented a participation reward system that yields better directory rankings for active members. This incents participation, which exposes them to practice resources and stimulates knowledge sharing among the community, resulting in a positive feedback loop where everyone benefits.
By utilizing sound fundamental principles, such as measurable success criteria, we can deliver impactful technology investments for all our clients.