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physician health program

The Physician Health Program of BC (PHP) had a vision to improve physicians’ communication skills through a series of educational videos. To facilitate engagement with physicians, the video scripts were to be developed collaboratively by physicians. Bare Advertising and CurrentDesign worked closely with PHP to develop a secure online script development tool, then cultivate an online community of physicians to contribute to script creation. Once the scripts were completed, PHP had the videos produced, and we posted them on the PHP site –

To support the new functionality, we updated the PHP site’s Drupal CMS, and performed additional development tasks.

“At the Physician Health Program, we worked closely with CurrentDesign
on an on-line collaboration project with physicians to develop a
series of videos illustrating different styles of interpersonal
 communication.  The project was funded by a grant through the Canadian
 Protective Medical Association (CMPA)  and involved redesigning the
 Physician Health Program Drupal website to include an on-line
collaboration platform, reaching out to and coordinating physician
 collaborators, writing and editing scripts, promoting the videos and
 reporting on the project.

Trevor handled all aspects of the project with grace and efficiency.
 The project was complex, and I really appreciated Trevor’s flexibility 
and understanding throughout, as well as his quick and expert work in 
the many diverse areas of the project.  He helped us to stay on budget
 and meet our project goals even through shifting parameters.  I would
 wholeheartedly recommend CurrentDesign for web development, project
 management and online collaboration projects.”

Claire Sauve

(former) Education Coordinator, Physician Health Program of BC