Earths Own Food Company

Almond fresh website

Earths Own Food Company has a dynamic brand portfolio, each of which is actively marketed in the competitive healthy beverage sector.  We have worked with Earths Own over many years, both in support of their creative agencies and managing their internet properties.

A few years ago, we submitted a business case to consolidate their IT assets. It had become a challenge to manage their internet brand collateral, especially in their fast-paced environment. In addition to simplifying administration of their assets, the case had a positive financial benefit, which made it easy get approval to proceed.

By moving all websites to one internet service provider, the resulting reduced hosting costs allowed a positive return on investment for the project within a year. In addition, we were able to improve website security. We also reduced management effort for their internet collateral by moving all domains to a single domain name provider.

We also worked with Earths Own to consolidate their various individual product line websites into a single masterbrand site, launched in 2019. The multilingual site includes engaging product listing and product detail page interfaces, as well as interactive features allowing users to compare and like products, and submit recipes.

Earths Own has worked with CurrentDesign for many years. As a result of their consultation and communication, they have demonstrated excellent diagnosis and troubleshooting skills, and keep us well informed of work in progress. They have been resourceful in keeping within our budget constraints, sparing us from unpleasant surprises.

CurrentDesign has given us confidence in the health of our websites, especially knowing that we can approach them with a wide range of IT requests, from website development and server administration to routine maintenance, and receive equally attentive service.

Brendan Kelly

VP Marketing, Earth’s Own Food Company Inc.