Our Technology Skills

Because we are focused on delivering solutions for your business, we deliberately avoid beginning our engagements by advocating for particular technologies. Once we have grasped the desired solution, we consider which tools will best deliver.

First things first: planning and process

It is tempting to prematurely move to technology selection, because the internet is abstract, and choosing a product adds tangibility. The risk is that the technology then dictates the resulting solution, which can lead to solving a non-existent problem.

Instead, we first turn our attention to analysis and requirements, so we clearly understand the desired solution. We have proven skills to elicit and document requirement specifications, define effective information architecture, and develop intuitive user experiences.

Our internet technology expertise

We have proven ability delivering a wide range of solutions, from open source to proprietary technology. Our core competency is server side application development, and in most cases, we are able to whole-heartedly recommend linux-based technology.

An important technology selection consideration is whether to build or buy. We are more than happy to work with software products to efficiently deliver solutions that meet a commonly encountered need. When a client requires a more individual solution, we may recommend custom development. But even here, we seek to leverage available libraries and components to deliver good value on the investment.

We have a broad range of skills

Our proven mobile application skills include Ionic Framework and Phonegap. We have experienced Magento ecommerce developers, and we have ample experience designing and delivering custom solutions.

We also have significant experience with Microsoft products, and have delivered solutions based on Sharepoint and Microsoft Dynamics, as well as significant custom SQL Server development.

We’re also well equipped to facilitate social media integration, as well as search engine optimization and analytics.

System integration and more complex solutions

As our solutions become more sophisticated, so does the likelihood that system integration is required. We have proven ability with a variety of system integration techniques in a variety of contexts. It makes for dull reading, but when there is an opportunity for you to invest in complex technology, we will gladly work with you to develop an appropriate solution. Get in touch!

Information technology. Strategically.