Our mission is to help businesses prosper through planning and delivering suitable technology. With the ever-accelerating array of options available, using new and audacious technology is a constant temptation.

While game-changing strategies can pay off dramatically, they can also fail specatcularly if they miss the mark. It is often more prudent to adopt a proven solution, well-implemented.

A solid business case will help to determine whether a bleeding edge technical solution is worth pursuing, provided it includes appropriate risk assessment. While it is less exciting for us – and for our clients – to unveil the tried and true, we are ultimately more satisfied when the solution measurably helps the business.

We are about to launch a media sharing platform for one of our health care clients. The solution does not break new ground for technical innovation. In fact, it does the opposite – we proposed to reuse an existing code base to deliver a functional solution at a fraction of the cost of developing a new system. And we’re proud of that.