Our Work

Here are further examples of our work to show the range and depth of our skills and experience:

Vancouver City Savings Credit Union

Consolidated hosting

CurrentDesign identified an opportunity to improve efficiency for hosting some of Vancity’s member-facing websites, and presented a simple business case to consolidate several sites with a highly reputable supplier that met Vancity’s stringent hosting requirements. CurrentDesign seamlessly redeployed these sites to the new environment on time and on budget, and also delivered on the one year return on investment (ROI) outlined in the business case.

Process improvements

As Manager, Web User Experience, Trevor was accountable for Vancity’s member-facing websites in 2009-10. The flagship site, vancity.com serves many stakeholders, who use the site to share information with Vancity members. Trevor analyzed the content publication workflow, and implemented process improvements to streamline and manage the review, revision and publication on the site using a Sharepoint web application. As a result of these process improvements, his web department achieved a 37% increase in operational efficiency within six months.

2Paths Solutions Inc.

Development methodology

Trevor Tunnacliffe served as VP of Operations at 2Paths Solutions, a Java-based custom application development shop between 2006 and 2008. During that period, Trevor redefined 2Paths’ methodology and processes to deliver on the company’s Agile aspirations. The strategy included modifying development processes to include test-driven software development. He then implemented Continuum continuous integration with Subversion version control to automate code verification. These methodology enhancements empowered developers to make confident changes to their applications, allowing true Agile development.

In addition, he raised expectations for requirements documentation – “stories” in Agile terms – to be faithfully recorded in 2paths JIRA management system. Trevor developed a graphical “burndown” chart that allowed clients and developers to easily grasp progress of their projects and adjust the planned deliverables accordingly. As a result, 2Paths fulfilled its promise as an Agile development shop, and was able to deliver the regular, rapid software releases that are integral to the Agile methodology.

Radiant Communications

Technology vision

In the early 2000s, Radiant Communications’ Professional Services division delivered custom websites and applications. As Radiant’s Director of Application development, Trevor foresaw the web development industry’s transition away from custom web development for content management and ecommerce toward off-the-shelf solutions. His multi-year strategy for transitioning Radiant to a focus on product configuration contributed to Professional Services becoming Radiant’s first profitable division in 2005.

Information technology. Strategically.