Optimize your clinic listing in Google My Business search results

When a potential patient is looking for a healthcare provider, they are very likely to make a Google search. We can help ensure your clinic is competitively positioned in the Google My Business search results.

As a clinic owner, you may well have invested in a website to promote your services. How well your site is optimized for a search engine will directly affect how your website will be ranked in the results of searches for the services you offer.

On its search results Google gives favourable results placements to those with Google My Business accounts. Just like websites, Google My Business accounts can be optimized to be returned higher in the results list. By optimizing your Google My Business listing, you make your business more easily available to those seeking your services


If you already have a Google My Business Account and would just like us to apply standard optimizing techniques for your profession, we can edit your site as a basic service.


If you don’t yet have a Google My Business account, we can create one for you. In addition to adding standard content to optimize your listing for your profession, we will evaluate your listings performance against your primary competitors, and further optimize your listing to improve your ranking in the search results.



If you are in a competitive market, and you depend on the web for a significant portion of your referrals, we can specifically tailor your Google My Business listing and website to perform well in searches. High performance optimization is as much an art as a science, and is highly dependent on your competitive landscape. We will work closely with you to achieve the results you need.


  • Verify name and address correctly added.
  • Add standard content* to optimize listing for your profession.


  • In addition to the features of our Value offering, we will undertake a monthly review of your listing and provide recommendations to further improve your listing’s performance. As needed, we can help you fully develop your listing, including communicating with your patients to provide reviews, fully develop your listing with images, posts and hours, as well as provide recommendations to optimize your website to complement your listing.

*  We develop a specific set of listing best practices with your professional association

** Paid annually in advance


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