Once a website is launched, it begins its useful life. Even a simple brochure site is dynamic – it requires ongoing attention to deliver its intended value. In my last post, I described maintaining hosting environments for creative agencies. Individual websites require more frequent attention.

To keep visitors returning to a site, content must be regularly refreshed. Posting regularly to the site blog is one way to let customers know the business has vitality. As the business evolves, updates to the site content need to reflect the current state of the business – changes to the team, for example. Website software also needs to be regularly updated to improve efficiencies and introduce new features, but especially to protect against emerging security vulnerabilities. If the business relies on traffic from search engines, the site ought to be optimized to rank high in search results, and ongoing attention to site content is required to maintain those rankings.

There is a significant benefit for creative agencies to consider the post-launch care of the sites they launch for their clients. That attention ensures the site delivers its promised value and protects their client’s investment, and it also tightens the relationship between agency and client, increasing the likelihood the client will return to the agency for subsequent projects.

To help creative agencies provide ongoing maintenance, we have developed a simple maintenance product to offer the clients of our agency partners. The product designed to take care of often neglected basic maintenance tasks, and we happy to help with content updates as needed.

There are three levels of maintenance offered, starting at $20/mo. You can find details here.